John Kerr

Chairman of the Board, London, UK


  • Executive Leadership
  • Geografische Markterweiterung
  • Globales Unternehmenswachstum und Strategie


  • Mehr als 40 Jahre Tätigkeit im Dienstleistungssektor
  • Zuvor Global CEO eines großen Beratungsunternehmens

About John

John Kerr is Chairman of the Board at CMSPI.  He has had a 40+ year career in professional services and was previously global CEO of a major consulting firm.  


John specializes in harnessing globalization and digitalization to direct business strategies for successful expansion into new international markets. He has taken on a critical role in various strategic client relationships, underscoring CMSPI’s commitment to a customer-first approach. John’s extensive experience has enabled the company to scale into different geographic markets and enhance its digital and analytics strategies, ensuring a seamless partner experience and unparalleled value for CMSPI’s clients.